DOnetwork News: Do you have difficulty paying for basic telephone service? Tell us your story to help support affordable rates from AT&T.

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DOnetwork News Alert posted on September 18th, 2014 at 12:01pm:

Do you have difficulty paying for basic telephone service? Tell us your story to help support affordable rates from AT&T.

Do you have difficulty paying for basic telephone service?  Tell us your story to help support affordable rates from AT&T.
We need your help to stop AT&T from continuing to raise basic landline phone rates. If you have a landline and if increased basic rates would cause a hardship for you, please share your story by emailing it to Kim Cantrell by Wednesday, October 1.
Your story can make a difference and will be shared with the Center for Accessible Technology, a disability advocacy organization working for low-cost telephone service.
Ideas to frame your story:

  • Explain why you need affordable wireline service.  For example, you may be on a fixed income, but over the threshold to qualify for subsidized service (Lifeline).  Or you may receive subsidized wireless service, and be ineligible for subsidized wireline service.  Or you may go without one form of service (wireline or wireless) even though you would prefer to have it, because you cannot afford both. 
  • Please explain the tradeoffs you make to maintain telephone service.  Do you have to juggle your household budget, go without other necessities, or otherwise experience hardship to maintain telephone connectivity? 
  • Please explain the value of wireline service to you; does it provide you security because it is more reliable than other forms of service?  Does it ensure that you can get help in an emergency, even if you live alone?
Thank You!

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