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Santa Barbara Special Needs Adaptive Resources
www.sbSNAP.org Email: info@sbsnap.org Ph: (805) 681-9165

My Vision:

Create a special needs community calendar and resource list specific to parents, like myself, bringing information from agencies, organizations and support groups together in one place.

This parent run website includes links to service organizations and resources, posting events, workshops, parent groups, camps, and clubs, recreation, and travel/vacation locations accessible to special needs. We serve and support these programs by bringing everything a parent would look for together in one place.


• Is supportive to the greater parent resource opportunities on the santa-barbara-ca.parentclick.com/ website by linking parents directly to their site which offers extensive community family & child opportunities. It is important we support and encourage inclusive community programming.

• Helps special needs families sort out information specific to their needs - education, recreation, support groups, etc.

• Encourages increased participation in existing programs and, I believe, expands opportunities for our children.

• Gives the special needs community a tool to plan and organize meetings and programs without overlapping dates and times.

• Encourages our organizations and parent groups to work together in their planning – to effectively reach their desired outcomes.

My Experience:

  • AYSO VIP soccer was in existence four years before I met a parent who gave me this information.
  • I just learned Jr. Wheelchair Camp is not only for kids in wheelchairs! I was informed that children not able to participate in certain activities because of balance issues or stamina, may use a wheelchair for those activities.
  • Our kids have limited after school programs and summer camps. Winter and spring school break programs are non-existent. I believe when organizations see the open calendar weeks and/or our NEEDS list, programs will expand.
  • I used to go to approximately ten different websites looking for parent classes and activities for Keaton. Going to one site is a dream!

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Other Great Resource Sites

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A great directory for resources from dance to dental, autism to acupuncture and self help to stress management!

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Search another great Santa Barbara site for their information and recommendations on all types of resources from parks to doctors, restaurants and programs and much much more!

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