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 OT Arts: Pediatric Sensory Integration Clinic

Occupational therapist, Lisa Serby, has recently opened OT Arts, the only pediatric sensory integration clinic in the Santa Barbara area.  OT Arts provides occupational therapy which focuses on helping children do the things they need to do more independently.  Skills that children work on at OT Arts include: fine motor skills such as writing and cutting, self-care skills such as buttoning and zipping clothing and tying shoes, self-regulation which includes sitting and paying attention and motor planning which includes thinking about what one wants to do and how to move one’s body to do it and then physically moving one’s body to accomplish the task.
Ms. Serby received her Master of Arts degree in occupational therapy and advanced training in Sensory Integration from the University of Southern California (USC).  She has nearly 20 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, working for the Pasadena Unified School District and then for the Santa Barbara County Education Office.  Ms. Serby has been working with children far longer as an artist, teaching classes in the parks and libraries of underprivileged areas.
OT Arts combines traditional occupational therapy techniques and sensory integration with innovative approaches such as creative self expression.  The OT Arts clinic uses swings and climbing equipment to help children with differing abilities get the sensory input that they need to function at the “just right” level to learn new tasks.  The unique approach that OT Arts provides ensures that children get the maximum benefit from therapy as they enjoy themselves while making progress in a positive, welcoming and low-stress environment.  
The OT Arts clinic is located at 1900 State Street, Suite K in Santa Barbara.  Ms. Serby is currently taking appointments for children ages 2-13 that need to work on their fine motor, self-help, motor planning, sensory processing and/or attention skills.  Please contact her at

Center for Improvement, Esteem, Learning and Opportunity


The mission of CIELO is to provide an individualized journey for neuro-diverse learners in a safe and nurturing environment, with the purpose of strengthening self-concept, promoting self-awareness, improving academic outcomes, and fostering social success for the youth of the Santa Barbara community.


Lee Neill, Ph.D.

Lee Neill, Ph.D. Can help your students/children improve in reading and writing and boost confidence.
Dr. Neill has been a classroom teacher, counselor, reading specialist and consultant to both public and private schools. She holds Master's degrees from OSU and UCSB.

In her 35+ year career, she has worked with Patricia Lindamood and Nanci Bell, teaching in their phonics/oral/motorbased reading program. Additionally, Dr. Neill worked with the late A.Jean Ayres, Ph.D., a pioneering occupational therapist, who developed sensory integrative theory.
Dr. Ayres' gift to education has been the knowledge that the body teaches the brain, and that certain physical milestones precede efficiency in all learning. Dr. Neill has integrated the work of Ayres with the A.D.D. Program, (the first Lindamood phonics program) to develop a movement-based language arts approach. She works with children from kindergarten on up, focusing on identifying their learning styles and providing individualized instruction. She is well known for helping students learn to trust their brains and regain confidence as learners.

Contact info: 805/220-6549
Carpinteria Ca.





Michael Gregg, Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Cover Letter and CV available upon request

(909) 973-4319

Hayden Consultants

Hayden Consultation Services' mission is to assist those challenged with disabilities improve their quality of life.

The philosophies that provide the foundation for the Positive Behavior Support movement inform the activities of Hayden Consultation Services as it strives to meet its stated mission. Key concepts that are at the heart of the services include: An Emphasis on Lifestyle Change, Functional Assessment, Multicomponent Interventions,Modification of Ecological and Setting Events,Emphasis on Antecedent Modifications,Teaching Adaptive Behavior, Building Environments with Effective Consequences, Minimizing the Use of Punisher, Distinguishing Emergency Procedures from Proactive Programming, Social Validation and the Role of Dignity in Behavioral Support.

Santa Barbara Language Center


The Santa Barbara Language Center is a non-profit center that provides evaluations, referrals, parent education, and individual speech therapy for preschool-aged children. The Language Center has operated in Santa Barbara since 1984. The Center is a philanthropy of the Scottish Rite, a concordant body of Freemasons. Therefore, all services are free. There are RiteCare centers and special programs for children throughout the United States.

Santa Barbara Speech & Music Therapy



Silvia Wasjustin: Licensed Speech Therapist & Jon Brady, Certified Orff Schulwerk, Music & Movement Teacher

We are pleased to announce new music and speech therapy classes now forming in downtown Santa Barbara!

  • Singing, Dancing & Stories
  • Positive & Creative Learning
  • Speech & Language
  • Hands on Activities
  • Social Interactions
  • Children & Parents together
  • FUN! Local Resources/Business Directory-->Occupational, Speech & Physical Therapy


Listed on another great Santa Barbara site, has information and recommendations on occupational, speech & physical therapists.

So Happy to Learn School


Terry Brown, affectionately know as “Mrs. Brown” by her many learners, has a passion and a gift for teaching individuals with Down syndrome. Working from her home, she has developed a successful and innovative program that teaches reading and other academic skills to learners ages three to adult.

Click here to see an example of Mrs. Brown's work!

Wellspring- Autism & Behavior Disorder Treatments Center

Wellspring was created in response to the growing need for effective autism treatments for children with autism-spectrum disorders, behavior disorders and developmental disabilities. Our specialty is using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques for helping treat autism in toddlers and children with autism. San Fernando Valley residents can utilize our services, as we fully explore autism symptoms and treatments and recommendations are made based on a child's unique situation. It's our process to fully understand a child's autism symptoms and recommend personalized autism treatments. No child's autism symptoms and treatments are ever the same; we try to understand the environmental factors and best work out a plan that benefits both for the child and the family dealing with autism. Pasadena and the surrounding area is where you can find us; visit our autism support page for more details on where we offer help for toddlers with autism, Thousand Oaks included!


(Website not working 10.19.12)

A parent run website of special needs community resources: events, specialists, workshops, clubs, activities and travel ideas.

Volunteer Opportunities

Reid's Gift  sign up for summer camp internship!

Best Day Foundation Santa

Barbara sign up for helping out with some ocean funs!

"321 Playhouse" Down Syndrome Family Support always welcome volunteers. Call Tara Vasquez at (803) 269-6313 to  register.


Hearts Therapeutic Santa Barbara is looking for dedicated volunteers who are willing to commit to a weekly 4-hour shift.

See their webpage for details


Hidden Wings, a non-profit for autism, welcomes volunteers of all talents

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