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10 Things Parents Of ‘Normal’ Kids Should Know

10 Things Parents Of ‘Normal’ Kids Should Know

Please don’t tell us we should “just try this” or that our child “should be doing that.”

By Jami Ingledue

If you met my kid on the street, you would think she is perfectly normal. Charming and witty, in fact. What you…


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January 23, 2015, Ed Robert’s Day

For Immediate Release
January 23, 2015, Ed Robert’s Day
Santa Barbara, CA  - January 8th, 2015
On January 23rd, 2015 California will celebrate Ed Roberts’ Day, marking the birthday of one of the most important figures in the national disability rights movement.
Diagnosed with polio at the age of 14, and after successfully completing high school, Roberts was determined to study at the University…

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Fight for your service system!

The push for 10% continues!

Change.Org petition urging reform nearing 4,000 signatures 

The 19-member Lanterman Coalition, including ARCA, is urging the Brown administration to stop the current state of collapse of our system. This starts with a 10% reinvestment in developmental services as a stop-gap until rates…


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ILRC goes caroling in support of SSI

The ILRC went caroling ​Wednesday​,​ December 17th​,​ at the office of Assemblyman Das Williams to advocate for raising the amount California pays to SSI recipients. As a member of the Assembly, Williams can vote to raise these benefits. Sadly, ​California's share of cost has not increased since 2009, and ha​s been cut by $77 since then.​  Thanks to ILRC​'s​ community members ​and staff ​for supporting this event​. ​A big thank you to Mike Just and Community Resources For Independent Living…


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New changes coming to IHHS in 2015

Did you know that as of January 1st In-Home Support Service (IHSS) providers will only be able to work 66 hours a week in California? This change will mean that many providers who take care of family members and other consumers with specialized needs won't get paid for all the hours that are needed. 

This new policy would cause a major disruption in the lives of consumers…


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Opportunity to participate in a concussion mobile device app study

Dear Retta,


We are seeking individual teams to participate in this mobile device app concussion study and we hope you can assist us by enrolling teams you are affiliated with as well as by distributing this call for participants to all the teams in your area. Thank you!


Dear Pop Warner Team,


Researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s…


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Trouble-Shooting on June 3: Disability Rights California Operates Hotline for Voters with Disabilities


Contact: Fred Nisen


Disability Rights California

Phone: (510) 267-1200


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trouble-Shooting on June 3: Disability Rights California Operates Hotline…


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IHSS and Respite income Exception IRS and CA taxes

 The following information was shared with us for IHSS families who child lives at home.



 IHSS and Respite Income



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Help protect funding for the Independent Living Resource Center.

Since 1976, the Independent Living Resource Center. (ILRC) has been providing assistance in persons with disabilities in the city of Santa Barbara, to live independently. Annually hundreds of residents of this city receive help finding housing, applying for social security benefits, advocacy and training to receive in home care, getting glasses and other assistive technology and a host of other services from our dedicated and knowledgeable staff. 


Additionally, the ILRC has…


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Help Ensure That Local Polling Places are Accessible to People with Disabilities

I am compiling a list of polling places that present barriers to people with disabilities in the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo.  I will e-mail this information to the respective registrar of voters in each county and hopefully they will investigate the access issue and remedy the problem.

To assist me in making this list, please send the location (including street address, city and county) of the polling place and a short description of the access issue…


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Alert: Call-In Week to Senator Corker, Urge Him to Continue Negotiations!

Call-In Week to Senator Corker Starting January 6th! 


Right before Christmas, Senator Corker walked away from the negotiations on the Disability Treaty!

As ranking Republican of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he is abdicating his leadership on this bipartisan issue.   


 Call Senator Corker throughout the week of January…


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20 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy

1. Color Matching Game

2. Playdough

3. Pipe Cleaners and Colander

4. Shape Sorter

5. Contact Paper Art

6. Paint in Bags

7. Pack ‘n Play

8. Play with Puzzles

9. Pom Poms Through a Tube

10. Race Cars on…


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What to Do When You Can’t Get Anything Done

Jennifer wrote me awhile ago with these words:

I have two kids, 4 and 2, and feel like I can’t get anything done! We eat from scratch but lately I can barely get it together at meal times. The laundry is overwhelming and cleaning my house even to bare minimum standards is impossible. I work one day a week but otherwise I am home with kids who seem to need constant attention. Most days I can barely get the dishes done. As I write this, there are bags of groceries sitting in…


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How to Help a Struggling Family

1. Ask her what she needs.

*Go to her home with two lattes in hand, give her a hug, and listen. She may not know what she needs, but ask her, and if she isn’t sure,  make suggestions of things you can do for her.

*Bring a snack for her kids and maybe a DVD for them to watch; quite likely she has been very isolated and will be thankful for a few moments with an adult. I remember standing on my front porch and bursting into tears telling my friend, Signe, that I…


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Work at Rainbow & Help Change Lives

Rainbow Connection is currently hiring!

Sharing your story with others can have a positive impact. Parents are valuable when it comes to their child's journey and are the greatest resource to families experiencing the same thing. If you think this could be you, view the attachment for more information and contact us. Or pass it on to someone that you believe that you could see be a part of our resource Center.…


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City of Santa Barbara Boards & Commissions Recruitment Notification

FYI:  An opportunity to serve on advisory committees that effect our access and services in Santa Barbara.  Must be a city resident.  Among the vacancies of interest are the Access Advisory Committee and Human Services Commission.  Please share among your contacts.

You must be a City resident.

The annual recruitment for scheduled and unscheduled vacancies on various City Advisory Groups is in progress. …


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Adult Tricycle for Sale

Josephine Fenu has an Adult Tricycle she would like to sell: It is a light foot, shark, hand or leg peddle, build for her husband with a SCI. It is only a few years old. She is asking $1000. Please call her after September 16 at 898-0524

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Job Opportunity for Part Time Speech Pathologists

Hi All,
I know there are a couple other speech language pathologist homeschool mamas out there. The company I contract with is SUPER flexible so if you are interested in just picking up one or several early intervention clients you can contact:
Machel Freel or Jennifer McClain
Child Development Network
687- 7515
Here is their link: …

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Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Voices

You can now watch and download my latest film, Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Voices, from the "Stop Hurting Kids" campaign…

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A parent run website of special needs community resources: events, specialists, workshops, clubs, activities and travel ideas.

Volunteer Opportunities

Reid's Gift  sign up for summer camp internship!

Best Day Foundation Santa

Barbara sign up for helping out with some ocean funs!

"321 Playhouse" Down Syndrome Family Support always welcome volunteers. Call Tara Vasquez at (803) 269-6313 to  register.


Hearts Therapeutic Santa Barbara is looking for dedicated volunteers who are willing to commit to a weekly 4-hour shift.

See their webpage for details


Hidden Wings, a non-profit for autism, welcomes volunteers of all talents

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10 Things Parents Of ‘Normal’ Kids Should Know

Posted by Vivian Chen on July 25, 2017 at 12:26pm

January 23, 2015, Ed Robert’s Day

Posted by Retta Slay on January 27, 2015 at 11:00am

Zero Co-Pay Epi Pen Link 2015

For those of you who have kids/family members that need Epi pens, here is the zero co-pay link for 2015!


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